Evansville Basket Guild

Things to Know

Members supply their own tools during meetings. Many of our members have tools they could lend if needed.

Registration for a class is a commitment for the cost.  If you are unable to attend, you are responsible to pay the fee and pick up the project as a kit.

Interested in Joining?

Wonderful!  Simply send an email to trothgerber@gmail.com we would love to have you!

Where we Meet

Meetings are held at the First Christian Church Activities Building, located at 2845 Beaumont Drive in the Windemere Subdivision. Evansville, IN


At this time, we do not have any membership fees or dues.  However, a $3 donation to the First Christian Church for use of their facilities is required with every meeting attended.

Individual meetings may have a group basket or an outside instructor.  Attendees are responsible for all fees posted for these events.  Fee's vary based upon the project.

The Evansville Basket Weavers Guild was established to encourage, support and teach the art of basketry. Our members have varied levels of skill and experience - ranging from beginners to advanced weavers.

We meet on a monthly basis to work on basket related projects. Monthly projects may be taught by fellow members or may include a teacher from outside of the group. The purpose of our gatherings is to create a new project, learn new skills and enjoy the fellowship of those who share the love of basketry. Anyone who has some weaving skills and is interested in what our group has to offer is invited to join us anytime.

What to Expect


Fellowship with those who share the love of basketry.



Learning new skills from fellow members and outside teachers.


Great Food

Weaving events typically involve a pitch in buffet to help maintain our weaving strength for the day.

About our Guild