Evansville Basket Guild

Guest Teacher Policy:

Guest teacher registration will require pre-payment, similar to a retreat or convention.  Here is how it will work:

* Write your check to Bonnie Rideout.

* This fee is based upon your selection.

* Date your check for 11/15/2019

* Mail your check by November 1st. 

* Your checks will be held and given to Bonnie on 11/15.

* You check will be required to complete your reservation.

* If you are unable to attend, your check will be given to Bonnie

  and you will receive the kit to complete on your own.

* Mail your check to:

Alice Van Sandt

108 Yorkshire Dr

Newburgh, IN 47630

On-Line Reservation

Bonnie Rideout

November 15th and/or 16th