Evansville Basket Guild

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Billy Owens

9:00am, July 20th

About Billy

Billy is a second generation White Oak basket maker. “Owens Oak Baskets”, has been around for almost 30 years. All of the material he uses is made from White Oak timber grown in the Ozarks. Billy personally selects, cuts and then “Hand Splits” with a homemade hand tool, made by his father. He will share everything concerning "White Oak", from selecting the right tree to preparing the weaving material. His classes are informative and enjoyable. Weavers leave with a finished White Oak basket that they will enjoy for life time. www.owensoakbaskets.com

Large Shopper, $85

-- OR ---

Grape, $70

Billy is pictured holding the Large Shopper. The Grape Basket is a 6" x 12" Market style basket with herringbone base.

These basket are made from all Hand Split White Oak. Billy has selected, cut and prepared all materials by hand.

Registration Deadline is July 4th.

Class is limited to 12 students.



July 4th!