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Size: 5" H x 6 1/4" W x 13 3/4" L                  Cost: $45

All Weaving Levels

Wild at Heart starts on a wood slotted 4” x 12” base. Techniques include setting up a basket on a wood base, twining, “start/stop” weave, continuous weave, and the use of overlays. The accent colors are Blue Spruce, Smoked and Wine. The inside rim is braided seagrass which really adds to the texture of this basket. The basket is sure to become a favorite wherever you choose to use it. This basket would also make a great gift for that “wild” woman in your life!

​Size: 7" L x 2" W x 13 3/4" H                          Cost: $35

All Weaving Levels

Measurements taken on the finished basket. The measurement includes the handle height.

Low Tide starts on a Quick Weave handle. If you have never used one before for a wall/door basket you are in for a treat! Just slide the spokes in and GO! This basket is an exercise in spacing and shaping. Since it is woven on a Williamsburg shaped handle you will be flaring the spokes. The bright blue accent color and seashells complete the look. Bonus – you can attach a different embellishment on the backside of the basket such as 4th of July and just flip the basket over! This basket will look great anywhere you choose to use it.

Good Vibes

Size: 12 3/4" L x 9 1/2" W x 9" H                         Cost: $50

All Weaving Levels

Beach Babe starts on a filled, woven base. Techniques include start/ stop weave, triple twining with a step up and ending triple twining with a “swirl” on the outside of the basket reminiscent of a nautilus. Shaker Tape handles and a “beachy” metal sign complete the look. 5/8” flat oval is woven into the bottom of the basket for extra durability. Accent colors are Blue Spruce and Smoked reed. 

Registration Deadline

May 3rd

Bonnie Rideout


I first caught the "basket bug" in 1994. I started teaching in 2006 in the basement of my home. With encouragement I started jurying to teach at conventions. Five years ago, I took another leap of faith and built a shop on my property in Illinois. Bonnie's Baskets hosts the Basket Art Guild approximately 9 times a year. In 2018 I took yet another lear of faith and left my "regular" job to pursue my passion full time. I have never been happier! I love to design new baskets and teach beginners to weave. I am also known for my love of embellishments. 

email: bonnierideout17@gmail.com

4 hours

6 hours

​​4 Hours

Wild at Heart

​Size: 10 3/4" L x 7" W x 8" H                           Cost: $45

All Weaving Levels       


​I designed a lunch tote many years ago and decided it needed an update! This is it! The basket starts on a woven, filled base using the “chicken feet” method of tucking filler spokes. Techniques include start/stop weaving, twining, triple twining with a step up and use of overlays. Pretty leather handles, metal feet on the bottom and a button embellishment complete this tote. Accent colors are pale pink and smoked reed. I also have Peacock Blue available

Keep Calm, Pedal On


May 21st @ 1pm

May 22nd @ 9am

Beach Babe 

Lunch Tote                 

Size: 8 3/4" H x 12 3/4" L x 9 1/4" W          Cost: $55

Advanced Beginner

Measurements taken at the top of the basket

Good Vibes begins on a woven, filled base. Techniques include filling a base, weaving with overlays, and triple twining with a step up. Accent colors are pistachio, aubergine, lavender, smoked, and bright navy. The rim is double lashed – once around using 11/64” FO smoked then another time using waxed linen. The handle is an oak push in handle. A rusty dragonfly completes the basket. Students will have a choice of a plain dragonfly or one that has been gel stained with complimentary colors. Techniques for gel staining will be discussed. This generous sized basket is one you will reach for over and over during the summer!

4 hours

Size: 6" H x 13 1/3" L x 6 1/2" W                  Cost: $40

All Weaving Levels

Keep Calm, Pedal On is a nice sized basket! Techniques include “start/stop” weave, filling a base, twining, triple twining and use of overlays. The colors are black, smoked and Quartz pink. This basket is woven on a D handle. A cute bicycle embellishment completes it! 

Low Tide

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